Foundation of AIR LLOYD in Cologne, setting out with maintenance work on own helicopters

Relocation to the present Sankt Augustin site at aerodrome Bonn-Hangelar (EDKB)

“Maintenance and repair” of helicopters added to the company’s purpose

Start of servicing ADAC Luftrettung’s air-rescue helicopters

ADAC takes a share in Air Lloyd’s LTB. ALT – Air Lloyd Luftfahrt Technik GmbH becomes an independent maintenance operation

Opening of new maintenance premises at Halle-Oppin aerodrome (EDAQ)

Opening of new maintenance premises at Landshut aerodrome (EDML)

ADAC e.V., Munich acquires 100 p. c. of ALT

Projecting of a new building at Bonn-Hangelar and purchase of the required real estate

Constructing of an own helicopter hangar incl. office building at Bonn-Hangelar aerodrome

Renaming of Air Lloyd Luftfahrt Technik as ADAC Luftfahrt Technik and relocation to the new servicing premises at aerodrome BonnHangelar , Sankt Augustin.

Introduction of new ERP software „Ramco Aviation Solutions“

Approval of own Part 21 operation by EASA

Due to an increased order volume, an increasing number of employees and, particularly, driven by new EASA and LBA regulatory specifications (QS, CAMO, Personal, Part 21, IT etc.), ALT extends the building at Bonn-Hangelar aerodrome

ALT becomes service centre for MD helicopters

ADAC Luftfahrt Technik changes the name to ADAC Heliservice

For some time now our company has been a 100% subsidiary of the ADAC Luftrettung gGmbH. In the course of this change of associate an alteration of the name will be carried out:

ADAC Luftfahrt Technik GmbH
ADAC Heliservice GmbH

As it is a mere change in the name, our persons of contact for you, telephone numbers, tax ID etc. remain unchanged. Likewise the contracts and agreements concluded under the preceding name hold true unaltered.

Furthermore the address known to you is untouched by the change of name.
We kindly ask you to use the corporate name in our business correspondence as of now and to adapt your database as well. Please also note our
new business email addresses: first name.surname@heliservice.adac.de.

For email dispatch of invoices kindly use the following email address in future only: e-rechnung@heliservice.adac.de.

In this context, we would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us and look forward to continued good cooperation.

Best regards

Your ADAC Heliservice GmbH