Part 21 Design Organisation

Under our approval as EASA Part21 Design Organisation we perform design and certification of minor and major changes in the cockpit and cabin area, for example:

  • Rotorcraft modification for "Night Vision Goggles" operation (NVIS OPS)
  • Upgrades of communication-, flight guidance- and navigation systems
  • Installation of Moving Map systems (e.g. EuroNav 7)
  • Installation of Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance systems (TAS/FLARM)
  • Installation of Weather Radar systems
  • External installations (e.g. electrical external mirror, search light)
  • Convenience installations (e.g. Single Hand latching device for clamshell doors)

NVIS Helmet



Terms of Approval

Image Brochure Part 21


ILA Berlin Air Show 2018

ILA Berlin Air Show 2018

We look forward to welcoming you as usual in the helicopter tent at booth 205....
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H 145 D-HSAA ©Maike Glöckner, Teaser

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Einhandverriegelung der Hecktür für BK117 C2 /D2

Single Hand Latching Device for rear Clamshell Doors BK117 C2/D2

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