Picture gallery "Maintenance Hangar Landshut (EDML)"

Aerial view of airport Landshut
Hangar Landshut
Inside Hangar Landshut
Offices Landshut
Hangar Landshut (2)
Hangar Landshut (3)
Hangar Landshut (4)
Hangar Landshut (5)
ALT Landshut
Triebwerk Shop Landshut
Aerial Photograph Landshut 2013
Aerial Photograph Landshut 2013


pre-owned BK 117 C-1 for Sale

Pre-owned ADAC Rescue Helicopter for Sale BK 117 C-1 & BK 117 C-2

We are pleased to offer you a BK117 C1, Serial Number 7500 for sale....
H 145 D-HSAA ©Maike Glöckner, Teaser

We are pleased to welcome Sachsen-Anhalt Police as new ALT Customer.

On the firstJuly 2017 ADAC Luftfahrt Technik GmbH concluded a maintenance contract for the first H145 of Sachsen-Anhalt ...
Einhandverriegelung der Hecktür für BK117 C2 /D2

Single Hand Latching Device for rear Clamshell Doors BK117 C2/D2

With the EASA approved Single Hand Latching Device ADAC Luftfahrt Technik GmbH sets new standards in regard to the simpl...